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Weight Plates Set

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A weight plate set is essential to any person’s home gym because it is a convenient way to build a strong physique. 

You can get many types of weight lifting plate sets, such as cast iron and bumper weights.

Sometimes, you have a couple of iron and rubber plates and want to mix them when practicing strength training.

If you have a top-quality weight plate set, like the ones being sold at Factory Weights, then you can most certainly mix rubber bumper weights with iron weights on your barbell.

However, to prevent that wobbliness and wonkiness, caused by uneven weights on a barbell, you have to think about a few things before mixing the two different plates.

Can you mix an iron weight plate set with a rubber weight plate set?

If you have a variety of rubber and bumper gym weights at home, then you can definitely mix them together on a barbell. You just need to be aware of how much of each type of weight plate you are mixing. 

For example, if you decide to light rubber plates on the bar, and supplement it with a dozen kgs of iron weights on the end of the barbell, the thin strip of rubber weights will have to support a lot of weight brought about by the iron plates.

When the barbell gets lifted, and it gets dropped to the floor, the rubber has to absorb all the force from the iron weights.

Due to the force of impact, you can put a lot of stress onto the rubber. This can result in damage to the rubber plates.

If it is a heavier weight of rubber, such as 15kg, paired with two 1kg iron plates, then you will not need to worry about the impact that the rubber plate has to experience, because it does not need to support too much weight from the iron.

Rule of thumb: the iron plates need to be 30% less in kgs than the rubber plates.

Otherwise, go for a ratio of 1:1 bumper to iron weight plates. That is, use an equal amount of rubber and iron, to ensure minimal damage to your rubber plates.