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1.25kg Cast Iron Weight Plates

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A 1.25 kg weight plate is an excellent plate to have in your set. It may not seem like much, but they are crucial in any weight lifter's arsenal. They can be bought as part of a set or individually. 

They are great to add to your bar while progressing to heavier weights. 

For example, jumping from a 10kg to a 15kg deadlift may be too heavy. But if you add 1.25kg on each side, you can work your way up to 15kg in a few weeks. This will help reduce injuries and overworking your muscles. 

What are cast iron weight plates?  

Cast iron is a specific type of iron used to make weights. It is specifically formulated to have a low melting point. In other words, you don’t need to heat it as much as other iron alloys to turn it into liquid. 

Most of the weight plates manufactured are made of cast iron. The cast iron is shaped in a form by pouring molten iron into a sand mold. Thereafter it cools down and hardens. 

The plates are painted and baked in an oven. The paint hardens the surface and protects it against chips and scratches. 

Where to buy cast iron weight plates

Weight plates can be bought at any fitness or gym store. There are also multiple online options where you can buy weight plates from. Factory weights online store is an excellent shop to buy 1.25kg weight plates. 

Their 1.25kg weight plate is suitable for 2inch Olympic bars. The plates have a tri-grip design which makes the weights functional and versatile. The tri-grip design makes it easy to load and unload the bar. The weights can also be used for other conditioning exercises without the bar.