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2.5kg Cast Iron Weight Plates

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2.5kg weight plates are a great upgrade if you're just graduating from the 1.25kg weight plate. If you're a more advanced weight lifter, they're perfect to use as an intermediary weight before jumping to a heavier one

Buying a cast iron 2.5kg weight is a good investment for beginner weightlifters. Cast iron is a bit cheaper than rubber weights but still of very high quality. The weights get painted and baked to strengthen the surface and protect them from scratches and chips. 

Should I Buy Cast Iron Weight Plates on Their Own?

Buying any type of gym equipment will cost you money. Plates are usually made of cast iron, rubber, or vinyl. The cast-iron plates are cheaper weight plates to buy. They are more affordable than rubber or rubber-coated plates. 

Advantages of Buying Cast Iron Weight Plates in a Set

 2.5kg Iron plates can be bought in a set or individually. Buying weights in a  set often has some advantages.

It saves time rather than choosing your own weights individually. A set has all the weights selected and put together. It can be overwhelming to decide between all the options available. A set simplifies your choices. 

It can also save you money. Often stores offer a discount on the sets. You will be able to save some money when buying a set compared to individual discs. If you are new to weight lifting try to look for a set that has a 5kg, 2.5kg, and a 1.25kg weight.

Advantages of buying Individual 2.5kg Cast Iron Weight Plates

If you are new to weight lifting buying individual plates may be a better option, especially lighter weights like 2.5kg. 

If you buy a set it may include heavier weights that you are not interested in. 

Buying an individual 2.5kg weight will ensure that you only buy the weight that you need. You will not spend additional money on weights that you do not intend to use.