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5kg Cast Iron Weight Plates

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If you’re looking for a good intermediary weight, then a 5kg cast iron weight plate is the perfect one for you. It’s not too heavy but also isn’t as light as the 1.25kg and 2.5kg weights. They’re excellent for conditioning exercises. 

A 5kg weight plate still falls in the category of the lighter weights. But if you stack a 5kg weight with 2.5kg and 1.25kg including the bar you can look at a total weight of 23kg. 

5kg cast iron weight plates are versatile and perfect for any home gym, no matter your skill level.

How Do I Choose a 5kg Weight Plate? 

Buying weight plates can be an overwhelming experience. There are many options to choose from.

Things to look for when buying weights are: 

The Hole Diameter 

Plates can either be Standard or Olympic. Olympic plates will only fit on an Olympic bar and vice versa. The two plates can not be mixed and matched; they won’t fit onto the bar. 

Because a 5kg weight is relatively easy to balance and use, you can go for either standard or Olympic weights.

Type of Material 

Usually, plates are made of cast iron rubber and vinyl. The rubber coating protects the weights and makes them easier to stack and move. A 5 kg weight is not that heavy and stacks quite easily. For a 5kg weight normal cast iron will be sufficient. 

The Grip of the Plate 

The grip of the plate is a very important factor to consider,  especially for 5kg plates. 5 kg plates are the ideal weight to use in combination with other exercises. 

Tri-grips are the best to buy because they give additional functionality. This makes the weight easy to use during other exercises like lunges, sit-ups, and lifts. A solid plate without additional grip will make it very hard to use during other exercises.