Resistance Bands

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Resistance bands are perfect for any professional or home gym set up. Use them to develop strength, certain muscle groups, improve flexibility, mobility, and power. Perform exercises such as bench press, deadlifts, squats, and press ups variations to include the resistance bands. Great for pull up assistance. Perfect for working flexibility. Also ideal for physiotherapy and rehabilitation. Suitable for both men and women of all ages and abilities. Made from non-snap 100% natural latex.

Available in a choice of resistance levels: 

  • #1 Red (15-25lbs)
  • #2 Black (30-50lbs)
  • #3 Purple (75-100lbs)
  • #4 Green (100-120lbs)
  • #5 Blue (120-175lbs)
  • #6 Orange (175-230lbs)

Size (total length X width X thickness): 

  • #1 Red: 208cm X 1.3cm X 0.45cm
  • #2 Black: 208cm X 2.1cm X 0.45cm
  • #3 Purple: 208cm X 3.2cm X 0.45cm
  • #4 Green: 208cm X 4.5cm X 0.45cm
  • #5 Blue: 208cm X 6.4cm X 0.45cm
  • #6 Orange: 208cm X 8.3cm X 0.45cm