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Factory Weights Urethane Dumbbells - Commercial & Home Gyms

As extremely versatile pieces of weightlifting equipment, dumbbells make a great addition to any home or commercial gym setup. At Factory Weights, we stock a urethane dumbbell range that is built strong.

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Proudly designed in the UK, these dumbbell weights have a durable urethane coating and are designed to withstand intense daily use. Our urethane dumbbells are available as either dumbbell sets or dumbbell pairs and come in a variety of weight options. These dumbbells are suitable for everyone, from home and commercial gym owners to professional bodybuilders.

Searching for reliable, long-lasting home and commercial dumbbells for your free weights circuit training? Browse Factory Weights’ selection of urethane dumbbells for sale.

Our Range of Urethane Dumbbells

We offer a diverse selection of high quality urethane dumbbells in sets and pairs. Each dumbbell features a solid steel core with a urethane coating for a sleek and durable finish. With various weight options available, our dumbbells cater to all fitness levels and are suitable for both home and commercial gym setups.

Invest in these robust dumbbell sets and pairs to take your training to the next level. Here’s what you can expect from our collection of urethane dumbbells with steel cores:

Urethane Dumbbell Pairs 

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