1.25kg Cast Iron Weight Plates

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1.25kg Olympic weight plates are the perfect beginner weight plate. They will strengthen and tone your muscles, improve your endurance, and give you a full-body workout in the comfort of your own home.

1.25kg is on the lighter end of the weight scale but is a practical way to incrementally up your strength when combined with heavier plates.

Why Should I Get 1.25kg Olympic Weight Plates?

Olympic plates are premium cast iron flat discs that can be used with barbells or dumbbells to create your perfect weight for lifting. 

Weight plates with a tri-grip design make it easier to load and unload on 2” Olympic bars and attachments. 

Their robust construction makes them a good investment for your home gym and priced around £7, very affordable.

Always start with lightweight plates to avoid injury and issues with your joints.

How Can I Incorporate a 1.25kg Olympic Weight Plate into My Daily Routine? 

Having individual weight plates of various sizes at your home gym opens up a world of various drills to improve and perfect your body. 

Olympic weight plates along with your Olympic bars are easy to store and require minimal space to exercise. 

Once assembled, a 1.25kg weight plate, used alone, can help you warm up by engaging in fast repetitions of curls, extensions, and lifts. 

Beginners should start off with these lighter weights that can aid in developing chest and arm muscles. Always focus on your technique before moving on to a heavier weight. 

Adding a 1.25kg Olympic weight to heavier weights on your bar, try the following beginner to intermediate exercises. Using the weights, try 15 repetitions repeated 3 times. 

  • Squats working the legs and back muscles
  • Bench press to increase the chest, shoulder, and arm strength
  • Overhead presses will maximise your upper body strength