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10kg Hex Dumbbells

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These 10kg hexagonal-shaped dumbbells, commonly referred to as hex dumbbells, are your perfect gateway exercise instrument into the world of superior weight lifting training. 

This is where the tough get going on their way to the top of all-around body perfection. 

10kg hex dumbbells are also excellent for female lifters, showing their strength and resilience, moving up from your lighter weights. 

This size of weight helps define and tone muscles in the arms, calves, back, abs, chest, and shoulders.

The 10kg hex dumbbells can also be used to increase muscle mass in the beginner to an intermediate class of weight lifting or those smaller in stature.

They can be used for advanced weight lifters in fast repetitions to help with your warm-up before moving on to heavier weights and training.

10kg hex dumbbells are perfect for both male and female weight lifters

One of the simplest but most practical and overlooked benefits of hex dumbbells is their shape. You can be sure that this 6 sided angular head attached to its bar will not roll away from your home gym area and crack expensive tiles or knock and damage wooden furniture. 

There are some great exercises that you can do as a female with the 10kg hex dumbbell if you’re looking to gain and maintain muscle mass. You can try out a range of delta variations and dumbbell curls.

Of course, another good reason for adding a good set of 10kg hex dumbbells to your home gym is the price. They’re affordable and versatile, easy to store out of the way, and easy to transport. 

10kg hex dumbbells are perfect for a routine of various repetitions of curls, overhead presses, upright rows, bent over rows, rear delt flys with varied short breaks in between and then repeated to increase hypertrophy.

From beginners to advanced weight lifters, this set of 10kg hex dumbbells with their superior rubber coating and knurled steel grips for a secure hold, are a compact addition to your home gym. 

All pricing is for a pair of dumbbells.

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