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12kg Cast Iron Kettlebell

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Working out with a kettlebell is exactly what you need to do if you want to lose weight and gain muscle mass. 

The flying nature of the kettlebell allows for quick movements at high speed increasing your strength and your endurance level.

Is 12kg a good starting weight? 

The 12 kg iron kettlebell is a classic weight to start with if you are male and new to strength training. It is a good size bell to learn precise techniques of kettlebell training. The various movements you can do with a kettlebell will target both strength and cardio.

For females, the 12kg might be a bit too heavy to lift above your head even though it is part of the female kettlebell starter set. You would want to gradually progress to this site after you have gone through the 6, 8, and 10kg.

What are 12kg kettlebells good for?

The 12kg kettlebell is a great tool for all athletes, irrespective of the sport. Whether you’re a weightlifter or fitness competitor it would be good to use the 12kg as part of your warm-up for your regular training routine. 

If your sport is made up of explosive action movements like sprinting or diving for example then kettlebells are a great training tool. It will also improve individual steadiness, strength, power, and hand-eye coordination.

What muscles do kettlebells work?

Although working out with one or two kettlebells will give you a full-body workout. Each exercise performed with the bell has its unique muscle target. 

For example, the kettlebell squat focus is on the quadriceps and the hamstrings while also working the core, glutes, and calves. Kettlebell swings work the glutes, hamstrings, hips, core, and back muscles.

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