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15kg Cast Iron Weight Plates

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15kg cast iron weight plates are a fantastic investment for experienced weightlifters. Choosing the correct weight depends on your levels of fitness and lifting power. The best weight for you may vary.

Weights come in all shapes and sizes. There is something tailor-made for everybody on the list below. It does not matter if you are only a beginner. Most exercise enthusiasts start with lighter weights.

15kg weight plates tend to be on the heavier spectrum of weights used by exercise enthusiasts. 

Which Weight Plate Is Suitable for You?

Choosing the correct weight sets depends on your levels of fitness. For beginners, we recommend our cast iron weight plates which weigh 5kg or less.

For more experienced campaigners looking to increase their lifting load, anything above 10kg makes for an ideal purchase.

Another factor to consider when looking for the ideal weight plate is the actual weight of your barbell. Our large 7ft barbell weighs 20kg. Our smaller 5ft barbell weighs 9.5kg.

15kg weight plates are suitable for experienced weightlifters who are looking to increase their workout load.

What Are The Benefits Of Buying 15kg Weight Plates?

15kg Cast iron weight plates are known as 'classics' in weightlifting gyms. They are perfect for exercises that do not require a barbell. They also strike the perfect balance between price and durability.

The added grip of the weight plates makes them perfect for full-body workouts targeting specific muscle areas.

Our 15kg weight plates work well by themselves or with barbells. They are ideal for working on your balance, as well as increasing your power and cardio.

15kg weight plates are all you need to achieve your fitness goals. They are the perfect weight for adding extra kilograms to your barbell load.