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15kg Olympic weight plates are the perfect piece of gym equipment for any home gym.

Choosing Olympic regulation weight plates has advantages over other types of weights available on the market.

Depending on your type of workout regime, Olympic-style plates may be the ideal purchase for you.

Why choose Olympic weight plates?

Olympic weight plates traditionally use higher quality steel in comparison to standard weight plates. These higher-quality bars tend to keep their original shape for a longer time.

These types of weights are also more stable, making for a much safer lifting experience.

Most Olympic weight plates are precision-tested to ensure the precision of the weight.

Olympic weight plates are versatile and are ideal for countless workout routines.

What is the difference between Olympic weight plates and standard weight plates?

Standard plates are usually available in home gyms. Their 1-inch holes are not compatible with Olympic weight plates.

Standard weight plates are usually cheaper than Olympic weight plates.

Most standard plates have a 1-inch hole for the barbell, while Olympic plates have a 2-inch hole.

Olympic regulation weight plates are traditionally sturdier than standard plates, as they can handle heavier loads without bending. The added strength of Olympic plates makes them perfect for lifting heavier weights.

Why should you buy Olympic plates?

Standard weights usually warp over an extended period. Using an Olympic bar reduces the amount of torque in different workouts.

Most Olympic weight plates also come with grip handles, making workouts easier than using standard weights devoid of any grip system.

Olympic weight plates are also ideal for use on standard bars. Olympic weight plates also set the standard in competitive weight lifting.