20kg Barbell

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Barbells are the backbone of any serious weightlifter's arsenal. 

Used for bodybuilding, weight lifting, powerlifting, and weight training, they can be incorporated easily into your daily or weekly gym routine. 

What Are the Advantages of Getting a 20kg Barbell??

20kg barbells can be used for numerous drills that will improve your overall fitness, help you develop lean muscle mass, and lower your overall weight. 

Barbell exercises do not require a lot of space to perform and they are an affordable means to reach various fitness goals. 

Most barbells are adjustable. This means that you can start with just a barbell and add on plates of varying weights as you progress from beginner to advanced levels. 

A 20kg barbell doesn’t need any additional weights unless you are in the professional class of bodybuilding or a serious lifter.

What is a 20kg Barbell Used for?

Barbells are generally used for strength lifting. This is achieved by exercises that use compound lifts, which create tension in various muscles and activate the nerves.

This creates overall power in the body and improves overall fitness.  

20kg barbells are an excellent way to challenge your muscles and improve your nerve responses.

What Exercises Can I Do with a 20kg Barbell? 

In order to build muscle, compound exercises are required when using a 20kg barbell.

To achieve maximum effectiveness, alternate your daily routines and try doing 6-8 repetitions repeated 3 times with your 20kg barbell.

Below are three popular barbell moves:

  • Bench presses are a great way to build upper body strength, targetting the pecs, front shoulders, and triceps
  • Bent over rows work and strengthen the back muscles as well as the core,  biceps, and lats 
  • The deadlift targets the whole body and is a pure show of strength. Good technique and posture are essential for this barbell lift.