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20kg Cast Iron Weight Plates

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Our 20kg cast iron weight plates are perfect for adding extra weight to your barbell load. The versatile weight plates are perfect for a range of full-body workouts.

Our full range of weights is available in a variety of sizes. Our 20kg cast iron weights work well with our 2-inch Olympic barbells.

Purchasing 20kg cast iron weight plates makes for the perfect upgrade to your workout routine. This weight is ideal for someone looking to increase the difficulty of their workouts.

What Is the Diameter of A 20kg Plate?

As cast iron disc weights increase in weight, the diameter gets wider. The diameter of a 20kg cast iron weight plate is 40cm.

Our 20kg plates work perfectly with our 2-inch barbells to ensure you have a great workout experience.

What Are 20kg Cast Iron Weight Plates Used For?

Weight plates are traditionally used with barbells to increase general strength, balance, and cardio.

Our 20kg cast iron weight plates are ideal for a full-body workout that targets all muscle groups.

Using the weight plates without the barbell in exercise routines can increase finger strength and gripping ability. 

These plates are perfect for exercises targeting muscle growth in the arms and simple squats targeting core strength. The versatile piece of gym equipment can also function as a stable platform for push-ups.

The Benefits Of Using 20kg Cast Iron Weight Plates

Using standard cast iron weights individually in your workouts has various benefits. Exercise enthusiasts can focus on increasing grip strength by using all fingers in holding the plates.

Improving core strength with simple movements in front of your chest is also a bonus.