27.5kg Dumbbells Pair

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Weights are a valuable addition to any fitness routine, 27.5kg dumbbells are an ideal weight to up your weightlifting game. 

It can assist in building strength and muscle mass, increasing coordination, and losing weight.

If you’re thinking about upping your weights, you must consider whether it’s right for you, and where you are in your fitness journey. 

Is 27.5kg enough? 

The suitability of 27.5kg dumbbells depends on your level of strength and experience. 

Dumbbells of this weight are ideal for a wide variety of exercises in a routine and targeting all muscle groups. 

27.5kg dumbbells are a good option for deadlifts, bench presses, and squats. It is better suited to intermediate to advanced level trainers, and furthermore, it can be useful to bridge the gap between these levels. 

It would take a while to become accustomed to this weight for arm workouts, but would quickly become comfortable for leg, chest, and core exercises. 

Why are heavy dumbbells so expensive? 

A 27.5kg dumbbell can sport a hefty price tag, and this is due to several reasons. 

They are, of course, heavy. This has a costly effect on a number of steps in the manufacturing and supply process. 

Dumbbells are often made abroad, most commonly in China, so the cost of shipping and possible taxes add on. 

They are made out of dense material, which requires a great amount of cast iron, rubber, or steel (depending on the type of dumbbell). 

To make a long-lasting pair of dumbbells, the quality of materials and manufacturing needs to be of the highest quality, which also adds to the final price tag. 

Thankfully, investing in a good pair of dumbbells will be a one-off purchase - they are durable, and useful to incorporate into any workout.

All pricing is for a pair of dumbbells.

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