27.5kg Hex Dumbbells

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Hex dumbbells are safe, effective, and versatile, making them an essential addition to your home gym. 

27.5kg hex dumbbells are not for beginners to play around with. More advanced lifters will find that this weight is perfect for strength training. 

It is a great transitional weight for those who want to start lifting heavier. If you push yourself, you can sculpt your dream body with 27.5kg hex dumbbells. 

Why are hex dumbbells good equipment to have?

Hex dumbbells are extremely versatile. They can be your fitness friend at any point in your fitness journey. 

No setup is needed to use hex dumbbells. They take up little space and they can easily be stored and transported. You can use them at the gym, home, or outdoors.

How can you use 27.5kg hex dumbbells?

27.5kg hex dumbbells can be a useful tool for strength training and bodybuilding. 

This caliber of weight is not meant for beginners. 

Approach 27.5kg dumbbells with caution and allow your body to get used to them.

You can strengthen your upper body, lower body, and core, with exercises like bent-over rows, squats, seated dumbbell curls, and stiff-leg dumbbell deadlifts. 

You can also do bicep curls, bench presses, and single-arm dumbbell rows.

Are rubber 27.5kg hex dumbbells safe?

Rubber hex dumbbells are designed for safe use in homes and gyms. The hexagonal shape of the weight prevents it from rolling away and makes storage easier.

The rubberised end offers protection and durability. This also protects floors and dumbbell racks from damage when weights are set down.

It is safe to train alone with dumbbells. You can lift 27.5kg dumbbells without the need for a spotter. When you are done lifting you can simply drop the dumbbells to the floor.

Hex dumbbells are made from high-quality metal. Your weights will stay in good condition for a long time. The knurled steel grips give you a firm hold on the weight.

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