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A 4kg kettlebell is the perfect piece of equipment to add to your workout regime. Choosing the best kettlebell weight for beginners depends on various factors, such as gender and fitness levels.

Other leading factors include experience and body weight. This versatile kettlebell starter set is perfect for an array of workouts. 

Iron kettlebells provide the ideal workout for women in all age categories. The 4kg kettlebell weight sets offer a host of benefits to women looking to achieve their fitness goals.

Should women start with 4kg kettlebells?

4kg kettlebells provide the perfect introduction into the fitness realm for most beginners. A large majority of women usually begin their fitness journeys with a set of 4kg iron kettlebells.

The best kettlebell weight for beginners is 4kg, as heavier weights may provide the added risk of injury. Using lighter weights also increases the chances of beginners using better form.

The 4kg black kettlebells are ideal for workouts, which include both ballistic and controlled movements. 

What are the advantages of using a kettlebell?

The affordable Kettlebells are perfect for multiple workout routines. Women may use them to improve cardio levels and flexibility, as well as increasing general strength.

The portable kettlebells are perfect for high-intensity training and fat loss. The 4kg iron kettlebells are suitable for older women looking to increase their fitness levels.

Women can also use 4kg kettlebells to improve their overall joint health and to lose more calories efficiently. 

What are the different kinds of kettlebell workouts?

Ballistic workouts use the whole body with fast movements to increase calorie loss. 

The grinding workout focuses on specific muscles with slower movements to increase tension.

4kg kettlebells provide the perfect full-body workout for beginners and experienced workout aficionados alike. The versatile piece of equipment is ideal for workouts that include the whole body. 

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