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Factory Weights Rubber Olympic Bumper Plates

  • 45cm diameter (IWF standard)
  • 5kg plate thickness: 2.6cm
  • Suitable for use on Olympic diameter bars
  • Made out of highly dense rubber to ensure safety, practicality, and durability.
  • Designed to avoid damage when dropped on a floor during lifting

  • Many people are starting to see the benefits that Olympic lifting can offer, such as increased speed, improved core strength, and increased stability.

    A 5kg bumper plate is the perfect tool to start practicing Olympic lifting techniques with a weight level that is manageable. 

    Are Bumper Plates Safe?

    Bumper plates are designed for Olympic barbells and consist of a sturdy protective coating of rubber. The rubber coating allows you to drop the barbell onto a floor without harming the barbell, the floor, or yourself.

    If you do CrossFit or Olympic-style lifting, where the barbell gets dropped regularly, then you might be interested in investing in bumper plates.

    At the moment, bumper plates are used by many weightlifting champions to attain a high-performance level, with the added safety and practicality.

    Bumper plates are also used by beginners, due to the plates’ durability and safety.

    That is, bumper plates are useful if a beginner needs to drop the weight to avoid an injury.

    Why Do Bumper Plates Come in Different Colours?

    Bumper plates can come in a variety of colours, which makes it easier to tell the different weights apart since the plates are the same width.

    This is convenient when you are moving speedily between sets and you do not have much time to change the gym weights. The coloured weights make it easier for you to identify what is on the barbell and what you need to change for the next rep.

    The weights are distinguished accordingly: 10kg is green, 15kg is yellow, 20kg is blue, and 25kg is red.

    Thus, bumper plates are the best choice if you are looking for the best lifting weights that will guarantee durability and in turn, become a highly valued part of your home workout sessions.