5kg Hex Dumbbells

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Starting to incorporate weights into a workout regime requires lighter weights to begin with, making 5kg Hex Dumbbells an ideal purchase. 

5kg Hex Dumbbells are six-sided, with a long-lasting, durable structure that is designed to prevent rolling. It is an ideal addition for home workouts to increase fitness levels and strength. 

Are 5kg Hex Dumbbells Good For Beginners? 

5kg Hex Dumbbells are a good option for beginners. 

Lighter weights are ideal for working out smaller muscles, such as triceps. For beginners wanting to work out bigger muscles, lighter weights are also suitable. 5kg Hex Dumbbells are also useful to burn calories, lose weight, and tone muscles.

In a workout regime, it is important to incorporate rest days to allow the muscles to recover. 

In addition to this, try to alternate the muscles worked. For example, dedicating one day to the lower body, and the next day to the upper body. 5kg hex dumbbells are perfect for both. 

How to use 5kg Hex Dumbbells

When using 5kg Hex Dumbbells, you should do many repetitions of each exercise. This will condition muscles and increase the body’s fitness. Once the exercise begins to feel easier, either increase repetitions or increase weights. 

If you are participating in online classes that use weights, be sure to follow the weight recommendations of the instructor - 5kg Hex Dumbbells might be too heavy, or too light, for the workout in question. 

Exercises for 5kg Hex Dumbbells

Investing in a pair of 5kg Hex Dumbbells does not mean that you can only use them for weightlifting exercises. Lighter weights can be versatile.

Incorporate the dumbbells into other traditional bodyweight exercises, such as sit-ups, push-ups, squats, etc. 

When you feel like you need a further challenge, be creative. Try one-hand push-ups, or hold a squat for more than five seconds - the possibilities are endless.

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