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Black Friday Bumper Plate Deal 100kg

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Black Friday is here! Get your hands on a Free 7ft Olympic barbell when you buy 100kg's of Factory Weights Fleck Bumper Plates! Factory Weights Fleck Bumper Plates are perfect for Olympic style weightlifting. The rubberised, robust construction means these plates are designed for taking impact.

What's Included?

2x20kg Blue, 2x15kg Yellow, 2x10kg Green and 2x5kg Grey. The stainless steel centre ring are sized for a standard 2 inch Olympic barbell. The plates are 45cm diameter (IWF standard). Plate thickness: 5kg: 2.6cm 10kg: 4.5cm 15kg: 6.7cm 20kg: 8.3cm.

7ft Olympic Barbell Absolutely Free! Barbell length: 220cm - loading sleeve length: 38cm - centre section length: 138cm - centre section grip diameter: 29mm - bar weight: 20kg (approx).

2 quick release spring collars.