Bumper Plates Set

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If you are currently creating a home workout space, then you should definitely look at investing in a set of bumper plates for powerlifting.

You might be put off by the high prices of workout bumper plates.

Fortunately, there is an incredible selection of durable budget bumper plates at Factory Weights.

Can Bumper Weight Plates Damage the Floor?

Good bumper plates can be dropped on a hard surface, such as concrete, and not cause any damage.

In fact, even lower-quality plates will not damage concrete.

But, with enough impact, lower-quality plates themselves will get damaged.

So, the bumper plates themselves can be damaged, but not the floor.

That is why many powerlifters invest in rubber flooring or a lifting platform to prevent damage to their lifting weights.

Bumper Plates versus Iron Plates: Which Causes More Damage to Your Floor?

If you lift heavy and drop the barbell to the ground from an overhead position, then you need to take note of the type of weight plate set you are using.

If you are using iron, there is a chance that the iron can chip or crack your concrete floor.

In addition, cast iron weights are not great for your barbell.

Cast iron plates can cause damage because the plates transmit the force into the barbell.

Rubber bumper plates, on the other hand, disperse the force away from the barbell.

Why You Should Buy a Set of Bumper Plates  

Besides the fact that you can drop bumper plates on concrete floors without any issue, there are many other reasons why you should buy a bumper plate set.  

Bumper plates are durable, and thus, much less difficult to maintain compared to iron cast weights. 

Bumper plates are excellent for novice lifters since it gives you the option to let the barbell fall onto the ground if you cannot complete a lift. 

If you do any exercises that require a barbell, bumper plates are recommended due to their practicality and safety.