Deadlift Bar

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A deadlift bar is a type of lifting bar that allows you to perform deadlifts as well as other exercise variations such as squats and lunges. It looks like a regular powerlifting type bar but with an angled grip, usually 15 degrees, instead of a straight grip like on traditional Olympic lifting bars. Unlike squat bars, which only allow deep back squats, this bar also works great for a variety of other movements such as forward bends, rows, hip thrusts and more!

What is deadlift bar made of?
Deadlift bars are made of steel. Steel is an alloy of iron and carbon which makes the metal strong and very durable.

What muscles do the barbell deadlift work?
This exercise primarily targets the hamstrings, glutes, and erector spinae muscles but also involves numerous stabilizing muscles including all of the back muscles especially Erector Spinae(longissimus dorsi) (lower back), Gluteus Maximus (upper back), Latissimus Dorsi (mid-back), Teres Minor/Latissimus Dorsi, Serratus Anterior (upper front).

The barbell deadlift is considered one of the best mass.

What's the best way to hold a deadlift bar?
It is important to know and understand the grip of a deadlift bar. The standard grip is with an overhand grip, palms facing inward. Grip width can vary depending on your build and comfort level. If you are new to lifting then your best bet is to start out with what’s comfortable for you and work your way up as you gain experience in order to avoid injury and repair any muscle imbalances that may exist in your body.

How to put the weights on a deadlift bar?
Every deadlift bar comes with two color-coded handles to help you choose the correct weight for your bar. Simply insert the appropriate handle into each hole at one of the end of the barbell and you’re ready to deadlift!


Note: these barbells are not designed to be dropped from overhead.  

All bars include 2 quick release spring collars. 

Barbell Specifications: 

  • 5 foot bar - bar length: 150cm - loading sleeve length: 26cm - centre section length: 94cm - centre section grip diameter: 28mm - bar weight: 9.5kg (approx)
  • 6 foot bar - bar length: 180cm -loading sleeve length: 34cm - centre section length: 107cm - centre section grip diameter: 28mm - bar weight: 12.5kg (approx)
  • 7 foot bar - bar length: 220cm - loading sleeve length: 38cm - centre section length: 138cm - centre section grip diameter: 29mm - bar weight: 20kg (approx)