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Legacy Cable Pulley Half Rack with 2 x 100kg Stacks

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Is this the best half rack ever made? We think so! The Legacy Cable Pulley Half Rack combines the robust, functionality of our half rack with the diversity of a dual cable pulley stack.

The rack can be used for all standard barbell movements such as squatting and benching but can also be used for cable movements from various heights using the adjustable trolleys offering a 2:1 ratio for a smooth pull. For pulldown movements the top 2 pulleys can be used giving a 1:1 ratio for added weight.

The cable system utilises aluminium pulleys for a smooth pull and long lasting lifespan. It contains 2 x 100kg weight stacks which go up in 5kg increments. Pull up bar, Plate storage and J-cups included.


  • Height: 242cm
  • Width: 185cm (including storage pins)
  • Depth: 170cm
  • Weight of Stack: 100kg x 2
  • Pulley Ratio: 2:1 on front adjustable trolleys 1:1 for top pulldown cables.