Iron Plate Set 107.5kg with Bench & Squat Stand (FREE 7ft Barbell)

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Cast Iron Marcy Barbell Plates: 2x20kg 2x15kg 2x10kg 2x5kg 2x2.5kg 2x1.25kg

This Weight set is perfect for anyone looking to improve the big lifts for strength and muscle gains. Squat, Deadlift, or Bench? this set has you covered. The full size Olympic barbell is made from solid steel with a chrome finish and the plates are precision cast for accuracy. Extremely robust cast iron construction with grey/silver finish. Total weight: 107.5kg.

FW1 Adjustable Weight Bench

A great bench for those on a budget. Constructed from commercial steel this bench can hold up to 200kg of weight. With its easy adjustable settings this bench can be adjusted in numerous positions to accommodate a wide variety of exercises including decline benching (Please note that bench does not adjust to a 90 degree position). A great feature is the ease of which it stores, simple remove the lock pins and it fold away. Perfect for any home gym. Made with extra dense thick padding for added comfort and finished with a black powder coat. 

Our strong a durable squat stands come as a pair.  These are the ideal bit of kit when space is a factor but lifting is a necessity.  Comes with squat stand base, built in j-cups, short spotter arms and safety pins.

7ft Olympic Barbell

Perfect for squats, deadlifts and benching, our Olympic barbells are exactly what you need to build strength and muscle. Made from solid steel with a chrome finish and knurled for a secure grip, each bar can handle up to 300kg and are compatible with 2" weight plates

  • Plate Weights/diameters: 1.25kg: 15.3cm. 2.5kg: 18.9cm. 5kg: 26cm. 10kg: 34cm. 15kg: 38cm. 20kg: 40cm.
  • Bench Dimensions: Constructed: 112cm x 33cm x 103cm
    Folded: 82cm x 33cm x 24cm
  • Squat Stand Dimensions: Length: 65cm Width: 65cm Maximum Height: 168cm Minimum Height: 112cm 
  • Barbell length: 220cm - loading sleeve length: 38cm - centre section length: 138cm - centre section grip diameter: 29mm - bar weight: 20kg (approx)