10kg Bumper Plates

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If you are looking to improve your at-home workout sessions, then you might be interested in purchasing 10kg bumper plates. 

A 10kg bumper plate is the perfect weight level for increasing overall body strength and stability.

Bumper plates are made out of highly dense rubber to ensure safety, practicality, and durability.

Bumper weight plates are designed to avoid damage when dropped on a floor during lifting.

Professional athletes and CrossFit trainers may prefer the use of bumper plates in their workout routines.

How Long Do Bumper Plates Last?

High-quality 10kg bumper plates, such as those being sold by Factory Weights, can last between 5 to 10 years, depending on their maintenance, and frequency of use.

Bumper plates that are used intensively and daily can last between three to five years.

Some home gym bumper plates can last very long, as they are designed to absorb impact from being dropped to the floor, which allows for longevity of use.

How Do You Clean 10kg Bumper Plates?

When it comes to cleaning your bumper plates, you just need warm, dish soap water, and a dry washcloth.

After thoroughly washing the bumper plates with warm soapy water, rinse the weight plates with water, and dry them with a cloth.

How Do You Maintain 10kg Bumper Plates?

Firstly, to maximise your 10kg bumper plates’ lifespan, you should ensure that the flooring is right. It is recommended that you do powerlifting exercises on thick rubber mats.

Secondly, keep the bumper plates out of the sun.

Frequent exposure to the sun’s ultraviolet radiation can damage the rubber, by making it weaker. It is best to keep your bumper lifting plates indoors to cover them with a UV blocking tarp.

Thirdly, be careful with the plates.

Do not clank them together or throw them unnecessarily onto the floor.