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Barbell Accessories

Barbells are ideal for intense upper, lower and full-body strength training. However, it can be easy to get stuck in a particular exercise routine. Our range of barbell accessories can help diversify and enhance your workouts.

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Compatible with both standard and Olympic barbells, our UK-designed accessories offer both quality and affordability. Our broad selection caters to everyone from at-home weightlifters to professional athletes. 

Buy standard and Olympic barbell accessories from Factory Weights for increased convenience and versatility during your strength training sessions. Shop our online collection and get express shipping from just £5.

Our Range of Accessories for Barbells

We stock a unique collection of gym bar attachments and accessories to enhance your weightlifting workouts. With everything from cushioned barbell crash pads to a robust set of resistance bands, our diverse offerings are ideal for both commercial and home gym setups.

Here’s what you can expect from our range of barbell weightlifting accessories in the UK. 

Olympic Barbell Collars

Barbell collars are designed to prevent weight plates from slipping off the ends of your bar during a workout. Our diverse selection of barbell collars in the UK includes... Read More