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Factory Weights Cast Iron Plates — Commercial & Home Gyms

Known for their weight accuracy and strength, standard cast iron weight plates are a traditional part of any weightlifting collection. At Factory Weights, we stock a variety of high quality cast iron plates for home and commercial use.

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Our cast iron plates are proudly designed in the UK and available in pairs or as part of a set. Each weight plate is made from durable metal and precision cast for accuracy, making a cast iron plate set ideal for progressive overload. With exact weights spanning from 1.25kg to 25kg, our cast iron weight plates are suitable for everyone from fitness beginners to professional lifters.

Keen to upgrade your strength equipment with some weight plates? Browse our selection of cast iron plates for sale now.

Our Range of Cast Iron Weight Plates

We stock a variety of high quality, cheap cast iron weight plates in multiple sizes. These weight plates feature a robust cast iron design for increased durability and weight accuracy. With everything from pairs of 5kg cast iron weight plates to an entire cast iron weight plate set, our range caters to diverse users.

The adaptability of cast iron plates allows you to perform several different types of exercises, including weighted sit-ups, deadlifts, and bench presses. This cast iron plate selection can... Read More