Cast Iron Weight Plates

Looking to buy cast iron weight plates and don’t know where to start? We’ll give you a thorough breakdown of the best way of measuring power and strength: the cast iron weight plate. 

Cast iron weight plates are simple and effective means of developing the muscles, balance, and skill of the individual.

Cast iron weight plates are now widely available. They come in various shapes, sizes and with prices ranging from very cheap to expensive. Depending on your budget and how serious you are about your weight training, there is a cast iron weight plate available for you.  

How much do Cast Iron Plates Weigh?

When you are looking to buy cast iron plates, your first questions should be, ‘What are my fitness goals?’ and ‘’How much am I going to lift?’.

Cast iron weight plates are great for both home and professional gyms. They are versatile with regards to sizing, normally starting around a few pounds/kgs. This makes them an affordable option. 

As you progress physically, you can slowly build up and add weights to your barbell. 

The average weight lifter of nominal strength normally starts with a set of around 20kgs/ and then builds up incrementally. 

In the elite professional weight classes, up to 163 kilograms are lifted whilst an intermediate weight lifter who has trained for just a few years averages around 200 pounds/ 91 kilograms. 

What is the price of Cast Iron Weight Plates?

Cast Iron weight plates are actually incredibly affordable compared to bumper, steel, rubber, and urethane coated plates. 

They’re generally priced in pounds per kilogram. For brand new cast iron weight plates expect to pay around £1.15 - £1.70. 

So a 10-kilogram standard iron weight plate should set you back around £54 and a 20-kilogram cast iron plate around £108.

Prices will vary if you shop for cast iron weight plates online compared to shop-bought weight plates due to shipping costs, calibration, and brand.

Why Are Cast Iron Weight Plates Cheaper?

Cast iron weight plates are great to keep you on budget whilst training and developing your strength at your home gym. 

The difference between cast iron weight plates and rubber bumper plates is mostly their size in physical diameter, however, both provide the same results. Rubber plates are also quieter when being moved on the bar or dropped.

Whether your motivation for buying cast iron weight plates is building muscle and strength, physical endurance, or competitive weight lifting, there’s a size and price just right for you.