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Factory Weights Calibrated Plates for Commercial & Home Gyms

When it comes to weightlifting equipment, the weight plates you use can have a massive impact on your overall performance.

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Calibrated plates feature a thin profile and are precision-cast to ensure their total mass is as close to the stated weight as possible. Their compact design and accuracy enable you to load more plates onto your barbell and better gauge your strength levels.

Proudly designed in the UK, our calibrated weight plates have a weight tolerance of 10 grams or 0.25% (whichever is lighter). Are you a commercial gym owner in need of equipment suitable for a variety of users? Perhaps you’re a powerlifter getting competition ready, or a home gym owner looking to expand your collection of weight plates. No matter your needs, Factory Weights’ calibrated plate collection has everything you’re looking for and more.

Looking to buy robust calibrated plates in the UK? Browse Factory Weights’ calibrated plate selection online today.

Our Calibrated Plate Range 

Our selection of calibrated weight plates is manufactured with precision to ensure the weight is correct and to meet competition standards. You may want to partake in weightlifting competitions or better monitor your strength training performance with accurate weights. Either way, our calibrated plate range is essential for your gym setup.

Pairs of Calibrated Plates 

Our calibrated cast iron weight plates are colour-coded according to their weight. IWF colour coding allows for easy identification of the different calibrated plate pairs.

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