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Factory Weights Functional Fitness Equipment

Are you looking to incorporate some functional training into your gym routine but feeling unsure about what you need to get started? Our range of functional fitness equipment has you covered.

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Functional fitness gear helps to facilitate workouts that include fundamental everyday movements like bending, pushing, pulling, squatting, lifting and twisting. Proudly designed in the UK, our range is suitable for use as home and commercial gym equipment.

You can use this versatile gym equipment for CrossFit and other functional fitness training styles. Our wide selection caters to novice and professional trainers alike.

At Factory Weights, we offer a range of premium functional training equipment with UK-wide delivery. Shop our online selection today to boost your workout performance.

Our Range of Functional Fitness Equipment

We stock a comprehensive range of functional gym equipment. Designed to build strength and increase your overall fitness, our functional fitness products facilitate a variety of activities that target multiple muscle groups. 

Full-body, compound movements are a key aspect of functional fitness. This training style has numerous benefits, including increased muscle strength and endurance, cardiovascular fitness, balance, coordination, and flexibility. All this contributes to easier movement in everyday life and decreases your risk of injury. 

Here’s what you can expect from our durable range of functional fitness gym equipment.

Barbells & Accessories 

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