Resistance Band Set

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Made from premium non-toxic, skin friendly and non-snap natural latex, our resistance bands provide superior durability and are perfect for training and mobility.

This resistance band set contains five mini loop bands of different tensile force. Each band is a different colour and is marked with a level of resistance. The set comes in a free drawstring pouch to keep them secure and easy to carry around.

Extended Length: 60cm x 5cm.

Resistance bands are often used in strength training, but can also be used for flexibility, balance, rehabilitation, athletic training. The idea behind resistance band workouts is that it provides a similar effect as free weights without the added weight or bulkiness. This is a popular workout set for those with bad knees or other problems that prevent them from being able to do traditional weightlifting exercises. These bands come in many different strengths so depending on your fitness level you will want to look into how strong they will need to be for your workout routine.

How to use a resistance band?
Using a resistance band will often depend on the frequency of your workout regimen. A beginner may want to start with five minutes, 3x/week, and then increase the time gradually over a period of weeks or months. Likewise, an experienced individual will want to incorporate more bands--perhaps three sets as opposed to one set--into their routine.

How to choose a resistance band?
To choose the right resistance band there are various factors that you will need to consider. Depending on your level of fitness and level of exercise, you will want a certain type of resistance band. If the resistance band is too strong for your workout routine, it can cause injury. Therefore, it is important to consider what type of equipment you want to use as well as how often you would like to use it.

How to clean a resistance band?
To clean a resistance band, hand wash in cold water using mild soap or detergent. Rinse thoroughly with clean water, squeezing the soap from the bands, then lay flat on a towel to dry completely.