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Factory Weights Cardio Machines - Commercial & Home Gym

It can be tough to motivate yourself to do outdoor cardio like running or swimming. This is where convenient indoor cardio exercise machines come into the equation.

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Factory Weights stocks cardio machines suitable for home and commercial gyms. With user-centred designs and adjustable resistance settings, this easy-to-use cardio equipment makes staying fit a breeze.

Our range caters to everyone, no matter whether you’re a gym owner buying commercial cardio equipment, a professional athlete wanting to increase your endurance, or a beginner starting out your fitness journey. Designed in the UK, Factory Weights’ range of cardiovascular workout equipment is both high in quality and affordable, so you get the most out of every purchase. 

Looking for premium cardio fitness equipment? Look no further than Factory Weights’ home and commercial cardio machines. Browse our diverse selection online.

Our Range of Gym Cardio Machines

Cardiovascular exercise is defined as medium to high intensity movement that increases your heart rate for a sustained period of time. Cardio comes with many health benefits, such as improved fitness levels, increased heart and lung functionality, lower cholesterol, and better sleep.

Our cardio equipment is ideal for a full-body workout that targets both your cardiovascular system and large muscle groups to improve your functional fitness levels. Whether you’re hoping a cardio bike machine, ski trainer, or rowing exercise machine will help you reach your fitness... Read More