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Factory Weights Weight Sets for Commercial & Home Gyms

In the world of strength training, weight sets are essential for every workout space. You may be managing a bustling commercial gym or sculpting your physique from the comfort of your home. Either way, weight sets are gym equipment staples.

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At Factory Weights, we understand the importance of versatile and durable strength equipment. Our extensive range of weight plates and dumbbells boasts robust constructions that you can rely upon for many years to come. Trusted by professional athletes, our weight sets for sale are designed in the UK for both home and commercial gyms.

Ready to take your fitness journey to the next level? Browse our range of high-quality, affordable weight sets — Order before 3pm for next-day shipping (UK wide).

Our Range of Weight Sets for Sale

Factory Weights is your one-stop destination for cheap barbell and weights sets that don't compromise on quality.

Our gym weight set selection ensures both commercial gym owners and home fitness enthusiasts have access to top-tier, versatile gym equipment designed to stand the test of time.

Find your ideal plate and barbell set in the UK at Factory Weights — Explore our extensive collection of weight sets, including adjustable dumbbell sets and weight plate sets.

Plate & Barbell Sets

At Factory Weights, our weight plate sets for sale... Read More