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Factory Weights Rubber Gym Flooring - Gym Mats & Floor Tiles

The secret to maintaining a gym isn't the weights or the heavy equipment, but the rubber gym flooring — the often forgotten hero of any commercial or home gym.

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Factory Weights has been supplying high-quality, low-cost home gym flooring and equipment since 2021 to help you set up your dream commercial or home gym without breaking the bank or compromising on quality.

The foundation of your workout is vitally important. Heavy equipment is easy to mishandle, which could lead to scratching your floors and damaging the equipment when dropped or placed down. Our sturdy selection of gym mats and flooring provides ample protection to you, your environment, and your equipment, ensuring that you avoid injury and that your equipment lasts longer.

Shop online from Factory Weights to access our expansive stock of rubber flooring in various sizes and thicknesses, or request a quote for large orders on our functional fitness gym flooring solutions.

Our Range of Gym Flooring for Commercial & Home Gyms

Protect your flooring and equipment with our selection of durable gym floor mats. Whether you're looking for weightlifting mats that can handle your PB, commercial gym sprint tracks for sled pulls, or basic home gym mats to prevent damage to your flooring, we have you covered.

Our range of rubber tiles and rubber mats are easy to clean, impact resistant, noise absorbent, heavy on quality, and light on price. It's the perfect combination to maintain your gym's flooring.

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