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Factory Weights Weighted Sandbags — Home & Commercial Gyms

Are you looking for an effective free weights alternative to help increase your strength? Explore our range of weighted sandbags to enhance your training sessions.

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A sandbag is an extremely versatile piece of strength and functional fitness equipment suitable for many different exercises. They are ideal for Strongman training or general strength and conditioning training such as CrossFit workouts.

Proudly designed in the UK, our sandbag range includes various weight options to cater to people of all fitness levels and training styles — from weightlifting enthusiasts to professional Strongmen.

Build explosive power and strength by incorporating sandbag training into your workout routine. Buy sandbags in the UK with Factory Weights — heavy on quality, light on price.

Our Range of Weighted Sandbags

We offer a wide range of gym sandbags, including Strongman sandbags and general fitness sandbags (also called training sandbags). These are available in various sizes that correspond to their total weight capacity. 

Suitable for use as home or commercial gym equipment, sandbags offer versatile training options. They’re an ideal piece of equipment to improve your fitness levels,  and can be used for full-body workouts or to target specific areas in the upper and lower body. 

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