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Factory Weights Olympic Weightlifting Equipment

Want to improve your weightlifting performance and technique? Shop Factory Weights’ comprehensive range of specialised Olympic lifting gear. Buy today and train tomorrow with express shipping from just £5! 

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Our selection is designed to help commercial and home gym users perform challenging lifts without compromising on safety or form. In addition to Olympic weightlifting, this gear can be used for a variety of other strength training styles like powerlifting and CrossFit

Lift like a pro with our reliable selection of Olympic weightlifting equipment, including 2-inch barbells and weight plates. Shop online for fast, UK-wide delivery. 

Our Range of Olympic Lifting Equipment & Accessories

We stock reliable Olympic weightlifting gear for beginners, professionals and everyone in between. Suitable for targeted and full-body exercises, this equipment is guaranteed to help boost your lifting technique and strength. 

Here’s what you can expect from our Olympic lifting range.

Olympic Weight Plates

Depending on your training style, we offer various Olympic weightlifting plates ranging from lightweight technique plates to durable, rubberised bumper plates. We also stock 100kg sets with Olympic barbells and optional squat stands and weight benches at discounted rates.

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