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Factory Weights Speciality Bars for Commercial & Home Gyms

Need the right weightlifting equipment to take your barbell training to the next level? At Factory Weights, we stock a versatile range of speciality bars that are made to facilitate specific workouts.

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Designed in the UK and compatible with standard or Olympic weight plates, our speciality barbells are suitable for use as both commercial and home gym equipment. Whether you’re a fitness beginner or an experienced bodybuilder, we’ve got a perfect bar for your training needs.

Experience the perfect combination of precision and versatility with speciality barbells from Factory Weights — heavy on quality, light on price. Browse our cost-effective online selection now.

Our Range of Speciality Bars

When it comes to strength equipment, using standard bars and weight plates is a great way to build muscle and increase your overall fitness. However, different bars are better suited to certain movements. We stock a selection of speciality barbells for specific workouts and training styles.

Boasting high-quality, durable designs, our broad range includes everything from Swiss bars and Olympic curl bars to loadable dumbbells. Depending on your goals, you can use your speciality barbells to perform full-body workouts or target specific muscle groups. 

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