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Factory Weights Cable Machines for Commercial & Home Gyms

Known for their incredible versatility and stability, pulley machines support your form to help you build strength. At Factory Weights, we stock a premium cable pulley machine selection for home and commercial use.

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Our pulley machines are proudly designed in the UK and offer unbeatable functionality, durability, and quality. With the ability to accommodate multiple workout styles and cater to all fitness levels, a gym pulley machine is ideal for everyone from workout beginners to advanced lifters.

Looking for a reliable cable machine to add to your selection of home or commercial gym equipment? Browse our range of robust cable machines online now.

Our Range of Cable Pulley Machines

Do you want to upgrade your collection of strength equipment with a reliable machine? Perhaps you’re in the market for some functional fitness equipment to improve your everyday movements. No matter your needs, we’ve got the perfect commercial or home gym cable pulley system for you.

Our selection of cable gym machines features adjustable weight stack designs for easy and effective lifting, no matter your fitness level. These versatile pieces of equipment can be used to target various muscle... Read More