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Factory Weights Weight Plates - Commercial & Home Gyms

Gym machines are often the first port of call in a strength-training routine. Machines have their place, but they're also expensive, take up a lot of space, and can limit your range of motion. With weight plates, you can ditch the bulk and save money without compromising on your fitness regime. At Factory Weights, we stock a variety of weight plates that are suitable for both commercial and personal use.If you're after multi-functional fitness equipment, our UK-designed plate sets are a great choice. While often paired with barbells, these weights can also be used independently in a range of workouts.... Read More

Our Selection of Weight Plates for a Commercial & Home Gym

We stock a wide array of weight plates, available in many different sizes, weights and colour options. Our range includes everything from standard bumper plates to Olympic weight plates.

Our plate collection is sure to set you on the right path to achieving all your fitness goals. These are the different types of weights you'll find in our selection:

Calibrated Plates

Calibrated plates are key items of weightlifting equipment since they're measured for weight accuracy. The overall mass of our calibrated barbell plates falls... Read More