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Factory Weights Rubber Weight Plates — Commercial & Home Gym

When investing in weightlifting equipment to build strength, the key is to consider the type of weight plates you’re using.

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While traditional iron plates have their place, they can be prone to rust, are noisier and, if you drop them, can become damaged or ruin your floor. For a safer, quieter and more durable option, check out Factory Weights’ range of rubber weight plates suitable for home and commercial use.

Compatible with Olympic bars, these UK-designed plates have an outer rubber coating for added protection and noise reduction. The handy non-slip finish of these rubber barbell weights prevents the risk of unexpected drops, increasing your safety and preventing damage to your floor.

A rubber weight plates set from Factory Weights offers an excellent grip and will reduce noise in your gym. Browse our wide selection of rubber weight plates online.

Our Range of Rubber Weight Plates

We stock a wide selection of rubber-coated weight plates, including tri-grip and Olympic change plates. Our range features essential pieces of strength equipment ideal for both weightlifting with a bar and free weight conditioning exercises.

Tri-Grip Rubber Weight Plates

Tri-grip handles make it easier to load and unload your bar. You can also hold them more comfortably during free weight training. Our tri-grip rubber weight plates are available in several sizes, with pairs ranging from 1.25kg... Read More