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1.25kg Rubber Weight Plates

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Purchasing 1.25kg weight plates can be complicated. Compatibility is an integral factor to consider when choosing the correct barbell and gym plates online.

One of the main factors to look out for is the diameter of the barbell and gym plates. Some combinations work better than others.

The hole sizes of traditional barbells and gym metal weight plates usually range between 1 inch and 2 inches. 

What affects compatibility?

A weight lifting plate with a 1-inch diameter will work much better with a barbell with a 1-inch diameter and vice versa. 2-inch weight plates can work on a barbell with a 1-inch diameter, but it is not ideal.

When you purchase 1.25kg weight plates from Factory Weights, make sure that you purchase the barbells with the same diameter.

Which weight plate and barbell diameter should you purchase?

1-inch barbells are traditionally cheaper than their thicker 2-inch counterparts. 2-inch bars are usually more sturdy and work better for individuals with large hands.

The majority of people usually go for 2-inch barbells and weight plates as it has various benefits. The 2-inch barbell allows for a better grip, allowing for less pressure on shoulders, wrists, and elbows.

What is the most crucial factor to look out for when buying home gym weight plates?

Ensuring that the diameter of the barbell and the diameter of the weighted training plates are the same is crucial.

Look at the product specifications to ensure your choice of barbells and weight plates are compatible with one another.