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Factory Weights Dumbbell Package Deals & Hex Dumbbell Sets

Are you looking to perform an effective targeted or full-body workout with free weights? At Factory Weights, we stock several dumbbell package deals for versatile, machine-free training.

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Available as both loadable and hex sets, our UK-designed dumbbells are ideal for strength, toning and muscle-building exercises. Each set includes an array of weights and is suitable for use as commercial or home gym equipment. From professional bodybuilders to beginner gym-goers, our dumbbells can help all users reach their fitness goals.

Enhance the strength equipment options in your commercial or home gym with cost-effective dumbbell packages from Factory Weights. Explore our online collection of cost-effective loadable and hex dumbbell sets in the UK.

Our Range of Free Weights Packages & Sets

Our high-quality dumbbell sets include both loadable and hex dumbbell bundle deals. Not only are our dumbbells ideal for strength training, but they also make key pieces of CrossFit equipment. These versatile weights can be used to work both your upper and lower body. 

Popular exercises include bicep curls, tricep extensions, shoulder and chest presses, back rows, and leg curls and extensions. Each set also features a range of weight options that allow you to incrementally increase your load as you build strength. 

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