Olympic Weight Plates

Olympic weight plates are ideal for any home gym or weight lifter. The plates can be stacked on a bar or used individually with normal exercises like lunges and squats. 

Because the weights can be used separately from the bar , they are more versatile equipment than people seem to think. 

There are two types of weight plates on the market, Standard and Olympic.Standard plates only fit onto a standard bar and are a bit cheaper. Olympic weight plates have a 2-inch diameter hole and only fit on Olympic bars.

Olympic plates typically have a rubber coating and are a bit thinner. The coating and slim weight makes lifting and loading them onto the bar easier. 

The rubber coating gives better functionality and a more aesthetic finish than the plain cast iron plates.The rubber plates also come in various colours like red and yellow.

What size are Olympic Weights? 

Weight plates are available in various sizes. Currently, there are two types of weight plates available in the market: Standard weight plates and Olympic weight plates. Olympic weight plates seem to be the best weights to buy. 

There are more options available in Olympic weights, especially the heavier weights. Standard plates are seldom manufactured in 20kg en 45kg. 

Heavier weights from 20kg and above are only available as Olympic models. There are also plates available with extra grip handles. The grip makes it easier to move and load the weights onto the bar. 

What kinds of bars do Olympic weight plates fit?

Olympic weight plates have a 2-inch diameter hole and only fit on Olympic bars. The bore-hole on a Standard plate is 1 inch in diameter. Olympic and standard plates can not be mixed and matched. The weights will not fit onto the weight bar. 

Are Olympic plates heavier?

Olympic weight plates are not heavier than standard weight plates. Weight plates come in standard sizes measured in Kilograms (kg). Heavier weights mostly get manufactured according to Olympic standards

Most Olympic plates are precision tested and regulated by IWF standards. The IWF (International weightlifting federation) regulates the weight categories and the colours of the weights. They also determine the weight difference between men and women.  

Olympic bars can take more weight than standard bars and offer the capacity for higher weights. Because Olympic bars can take more weight , heavy lifters will always buy Olympic weights. 

Olympic weights are ideal for people that have progressed and are lifting heavier. An Olympic bar can withstand a maximum weight load of 750kg. Heavier weight lifters start with a weight set from 100kg to 500kg. When lifting such heavy weights you need a strong bar. 

How much are weight plates?

The price can be determined by three things: The type,  the weight, and the material that it is made from. Weight plates are made of vinyl, cast iron, and rubber. 

Olympic weight plates are a bit more expensive than standard plates. An Olympic 20kg plate ranges from £65 for rubber plates to £55 for classic cast iron plates. There is only a £10 pound difference between the cast iron and rubber plates. 

A Standard 45lb rubber plate costs approximately £55 and classic cast iron £49. Online orders may include an additional shipping cost. 

When you start investing in weight plates start buying standard or Olympic and stick to it. You will not be able to switch the plates between Olympic and standard. The plates will not fit the bar. 

Olympic weight sets that are sold by FactoryWeights come in these sizes. 2.5kg, 5kg ,10kg, 15kg, 20kg and 25kg.