Olympic Weight Sets

Olympic weight sets are an excellent addition to any gym. You can build your own set according to your strength and skills. The weights can be used individually or stacked up on a bar as a power lift. 

Weight sets can either be Olympic or Standard. The main difference between them is the hole diameter. Olympic weight plates have a 2-inch diameter hole and only fit on Olympic bars. The bore-hole on a Standard plate is 1 inch in diameter. 

Someone starting will use a lighter weight set than someone who has been weight lifting for a few years. Olympic weight sets are available in various sizes and can be bought separately or in a fixed set. 

What is the best Olympic weight set?

There are many types of weight sets on the market. It can be difficult to choose a set. Start with identifying your weight specifications and strength. This will help you start the process. 

When you are new to weight lifting, start with lighter weights. These are weights ranging from 1.25kg to 5kg. Weights ranging from 10kg, 25kg, 35kg, 45kg, and 100kg are used by more advanced weight lifters.

If you start with weights that are too heavy for your skills you risk injuring yourself. 

When choosing a weight set it is important to distinguish between the following aspects:

Bar specification 

In most gyms, there are 20kg bars. However, for women, there are 15kg bars. Make sure that the plates that you are using will fit onto the bar. You don't want a plate to slip off while you are lifting. 

Olympic plates will only fit on an Olympic bar and vice versa for Standard weights. Before buying any plate make sure that it's compatible with your bar. 

Are they durable?

After multiple uses, weight plates tend to crack along the inner ring. Make sure that the plates are in good condition before using them. New weights do not have this problem. Make sure to inspect your weights at home at least once a year. 

Are they safe to use? 

One advantage of rubber plates is that they are very safe to use. The rubber coating provides a buffer for the weights to slip off the bar. So they are much easier to move and stack. 

The bounce of the plates 

The weight plates should have a certain amount of bounce that they can accommodate. Read the product description for information about the bounce factor. 

How much should an Olympic weight set cost?

A standard Olympic set can range anywhere between £80 to £200. The total weight and the material that it is made from will determine the price of the set. 

Olympic plates are made from cast iron, vinyl and rubber. Cast iron plates are cheaper than rubber or vinyl coated plates. When starting, cast-iron plates are a smart way to start building your weight collection. 

What are the best weight sets?

Weight sets can either be Olympic or Standard. The main difference between them is the hole diameter. Most companies give you the option to customize your weight sets. 

There is not a specific formula to buy the best weight set. It depends on your budget and physical ability. 

A heavyweight lifter would spend more money on heavyweights than someone that has just started. Keep in mind that every person has different needs. Olympic weight sets are regulated and adhere to IWF(International weightlifting federation) standards.