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You may think that purchasing 10kg weight plates are expensive. Choosing the perfect piece of iron depends on various factors.

Purchasing 10kg weight plates makes for a wise investment, as they are ideal for effectively targeting all major muscle groups in the body.

The increase in price per kilo for our weight plates roughly equates to £7 per kilo. These 10kg weight plates make for the perfect investment for those looking to add heavier weights into their workout routines.

Other factors that may influence the pricing of plate weights are brand popularity, market share, and product demand.

What Affects The Pricing Of Weight Plates?

10kg weight plates are precision-casted to ensure they are the correct weight. The cast iron 10kg weight plates are known for durability and ease of use.

Weight plates have other unique features. They have a unique tri-grip system that allows for easier handling of our weights when your hands get sweaty.

All of the 2-inch Olympic-style weight plates possess high-quality cast iron. Heavier weights cost more than lighter weights due to the cost of iron. These still make for a great purchase.

Unique features of 10kg weight plates 

The tri-grip design makes the loading and unloading of the weights a breeze. All the added features add to the cost price of the weight plates.

The extra features allow our weighted training plates to be a versatile addition to your collection of gym equipment. 

The accuracy of 10kg weight plates

Since all of our standard iron plates are precision-tested, they make for the perfect purchase for professional athletes and weightlifters alike.

Using properly calibrated weights will allow you to know exactly how much weight you are lifting at all times.

Why Should I Get 10kg Weight Plates?

These 10kg iron weight plates strike the perfect balance between quality and affordability. Not to mention all the unique features that make our 10kg weight plates a cut above the rest.