Gym weights are not just a piece of metal. You can actually gain strength and muscle mass with them. Although the number of weights you need for a particular exercise varies, it is important to be safe and not exceed your body's limits when lifting weights. Your muscles will grow to accommodate the weight, but they can only do so much before injury occurs.

The actual weight which is appropriate to start with will depend on your own body weight and fitness level. Weight should always be lifted in controlled motions with limited amounts of movement up or down at any one time. There are three ways by which you can hold the barbell: overhand grip, underhand grip or alternating grips (one hand overhand and one under-hand).

What is the purpose of using weights?
The purpose of using weights is to provide low-impact exercise. It strengthens the muscles and bones while also developing balance. The key to weightlifting is starting with a light weight and gradually increasing the amount of weight until you are exercising at about 50% of your maximum effort.

Does lifting weights burn belly fat?
Lifting weights is not a sure-fire way to slim your waistline. Some people may experience a reduction in belly fat, but others may also see muscle gains and improved endurance.

Should I do cardio or weights first?
The intensity of your exercise is determined by the time you spend doing it, the wear and tear on the body and how much you flex your muscles. The best time to do cardio or weights depends on a number of individual factors such as your goals, fitness level and schedule.

If you know that all you need for an intense workout is cardio, then cardio should be done first in order to make sure that everything is warmed up before jumping into weight training. If you're looking for weight loss results but are short on time because of work or other commitments, then lifting weights should be done first since cardio without additional muscle growth will not help with fat burning.

Is it OK to do cardio and weights on the same day?
Some people might find it beneficial to do cardio and weights on the same day. If this is not possible then you should maintain a balance between cardio and weight training by doing about an hour of each per day.

What weight training is best for fat loss?
Weight training is most beneficial for fat loss when coupled with cardio. Weight training will not only help build muscle, but it will also burn calories as those muscle fibers require energy to stay active throughout the day.