Black-Out Barbell

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An elite level stealth finished barbell. A Perfect for a multitude of barbell training styles. Perfect for high-rep cross-fit style workouts. 

Spring steel with 2 copper sleeve and 4 bearings; Electroplated chemical black zinc coated shaft, both sleeves with hard chrome plating.

All bars include 2 quick release spring collars.


Weight: 20kg

Bar Length: 2200mm

Shaft Diameter: 28mm

Loading Sleeve length: 415mm

Loading Sleeve Diameter: 50mm 

Weight capacity: 340kg

Bearing Type: 2 each sleeve

Shaft Material: Hardened black chrome. 

Sleeve Material: Black Chrome

Knurling: Mild Knurling for comfort during high reps. Dual knurl marking (IPF & IWF). No centre knurling.