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Factory Weights Adjustable Dumbbells -Commercial & Home Gyms

Dumbbells are extremely popular pieces of weightlifting equipment as they lend themselves to a variety of exercises. At Factory Weights, our UK-designed adjustable dumbbells offer you all the benefits of regular dumbbells, while saving you space and money.Traditional dumbbells have fixed masses, meaning you need to buy and store many of them if you want a diverse range of weight options. One pair of adjustable dumbbells can replace multiple pairs of standard dumbbells.Our cost-effective, adjustable dumbbells for sale in the UK are suitable as home and commercial gym equipment. They're designed to suit everyone from beginners training for the first... Read More

Our Range of Adjustable Weight Dumbbells for Home & Commercial Gyms

Using adjustable free weights enables you to easily switch up your weight resistance and safely progress to a higher weight range.

Are you wanting a heavy dumbbell set to add to your arsenal of CrossFit equipment or powerlifting equipment? Perhaps you need the perfect pair of lightweight dumbbells for your collection of functional fitness equipment. No matter your training style, our diverse selection of adjustable dumbbells has you covered.

If... Read More