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Factory Weights Cable Attachments

Get the most out of your cable or multi-gym machine with targeted muscle-building exercises. Shop Factory Weights for specialised cable attachments. Sign up to our newsletter to get 5% off your first order! 

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Perfect for isolation exercises and weight training, our robust range includes handles, bars, grips and more. These innovative, UK-designed attachments are suitable for commercial or home gym environments and can accommodate a variety of workout styles and fitness levels. 

Kickstart your strength training with versatile gym cable attachments from Factory Weights. Order online now and enjoy express shipping from just £5.

Our Range of Cable Attachments For Gym Gear

Take your weight training to the next level with our vast selection of cable machine attachments. Ideal for home and commercial gyms, these attachments allow for targeted isolation training. They also promote functional fitness and provide constant tension during reps for enhanced muscle building and performance. 

Here’s what you can expect from our cable attachment range.


Our handle attachments are great for all gym goers. If you’re looking for a traditional design, our D-shaped handles and straps are the perfect choice. For more targeted training, we... Read More