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Factory Weights Plyo Boxes for Commercial & Home Gym

Looking for a way to train your whole body with just one piece of equipment? Plyo boxes are the way to go! Plyometrics (also called jump training) is great for full-body training.

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Plyometric exercises not only build muscle and strength, but also improve your stability, stamina, and coordination. Factory Weights stocks a selection of home and commercial plyo boxes designed for plyometric training. Our UK-designed plyo boxes are suitable for all users — from beginners to seasoned plyo enthusiasts.

Our range includes everything from wooden to soft plyo boxes and individual to stackable jump boxes. Offering both durability and affordability, these gym boxes are the perfect way to expand your commercial or home gym setup.

Looking for a robust plyo box in the UK? Browse Factory Weights’ selection of plyo boxes for sale to find all the box jump equipment you need.

Our Range of Gym Boxes

Commonly used as CrossFit equipment, plyo boxes facilitate the rapid shortening and stretching of your muscles to give you a boost in explosive power. Factory Weights is sure to have the equipment you need to incorporate plyometrics into your workout regime. 

By shopping from Factory Weights’ exercise jump box selection, your gym can offer many different exercises that are essential in plyometric training. Unlock high intensity plyometric movements like step-ups, box jumps, lunges, clap push-ups, mountain climbers and more.

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