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Factory Weights Weightlifting Straps, Wraps & Support

Struggling to beat your weightlifting personal best? Increase your stability and grip strength with Factory Weights' range of weightlifting accessories to enhance your training sessions and boost your performance – Express shipping from £5!

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Our UK-designed selection includes weight lifting straps, belts, wraps and more. This gear provides increased support so you can lift heavier weights without compromising on safety or form. This is ideal for a variety of users, including bodybuilders, professional weightlifters and CrossFit enthusiasts. 

Challenge your lifting limits with high-quality weightlifting straps and other supportive gear from Factory Weights. Explore our online selection now and enjoy UK-wide delivery.

Our Range of Weight Lifting Straps & Support

Are you looking for robust leather weight lifting belts to take your deadlifts to the next level? Perhaps you want extra long lifting straps for some extreme barbell squats. At Factory Weights, we stock an array of weightlifting accessories, including weightlifting wraps, belts and straps.

Manufactured with durable materials, this specialised range can withstand heavy-duty use in home and commercial gyms. Our weightlifting accessories are designed to help enhance your grip and provide extra support during lifts. This enables you to safely push your limits with heavier loads and achieve new 1-rep... Read More