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Apex Lifting Gloves

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The apex lifting gloves offer enhanced grip with superior protection which performing barbell, dumbbell or pull up bar exercises. the gloves are available in a multitude of sizes to ensure a comfortable yet snug fit during training to over support on every rep. The extra padded support on the palm protect the user from wear and tear when lifting weights yet the thinner 4-way stretch lycra on the back of the hand keeps the user cool. The double neoprene wrist strap offers wrist support without restricting movement. Included 2 grab tabs for easy removal of the gloves. 
Size Guide: 
To find your optimal size measure the circumference of your hand around the knuckles.
  • Small: 19-20cm
  • Medium: 20-21cm
  • Large: 21-22cm
  • X-Large: 22-24cm